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fueledbytickets's Journal

Fueled By Ramen Ticket Selling Community
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All Members , Moderated
A place for people to look for/sell tickets to FBR and related
Sick of going to a community and seeing "no ticket posts"? Well here, you can post about finding, or selling tickets.

1) Absolutely NO posting the info to club ticket presales! (Such as OCK or the Paramore Fan Club) THESE POSTS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED. Seriously people don't spend $30/year to be in a fan club only to not be able to buy presale tickets because some people can't keep the passwords to themselves.
2)No posting leaked CDs, even from FBR bands. Sorry, there are communities for you to download these from.
3)Please don't contact the mods on their personal websites, an e-mail is posted below for you to do that :D
4)Promoting is allowed for music communities. Or any community really, as long as it isn't COMPLETELY random. Same goes for websites.
5)Please start tagging your post with the band you are selling/wanting tickets for! TAGS


Comment in this post to become an affiliate.

Sarah- callitsafety wotchersarah@gmail.com
Leyna- i_amamonster
Hayli- omgitshayli
*E-mail Sarah with questions, comments, or concerns. Title the e-mail with "fueledbytickets"